About PaybyPlatema

Who does not know about Toll payments? Those who were not once familiar with it would have come to know when traveling on a highway or a bridge. 

Toll plazas in most countries provide cash payments. But imagine you went to Massachusetts as a tourist and wanted to cross a highway, but unfortunately, you will not be able to make payments with cash. 

Massachusetts only accepts e-tolling. Hence you will need some way to make a payment. PaybyPlateMa provides invoice payments, but E-ZPass MA payments are also available to avoid invoices. 

What is PaybyPlateMA?

PaybyPlateMa is a new, more innovative method of paying your toll bills online. Instead of emailing your invoice, you have to register yourself with them and not just enjoy card payments but also mobile transfers. 

Simply having your license plates allows you to pay your bills. The PlatePass service will enable you to avoid expensive toll violation fines that would otherwise be incurred if you used high-speed toll lanes without a toll tag. 

The PaybyPlateMA system will enable drivers to pay tolls by scanning their license plates. The registration fees are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. 

EZDriveMA toll booths are road-mounted barriers equipped with technological equipment that prepares E-ZPass transponders and cameras to capture vehicle license plates. PaybyPlateMa, on the other hand, works best when traveling through a portal.

Ways of payment:

PaybyPlateMa provides you with two ways to pay:

  • Prepaid payments
  • Postpaid payments

You can easily choose the payment method you want before creating the account. The registration fee is a cost payment structure where cost is determined by separating the vehicle tag. 

The PaybyplateMA invoice is sent to the vehicle’s registered owner. These requests can be paid online or by check at any EZDrive MA EZdrivema customer service location.

How to log in?

You must register online to initiate toll payments. The portal displays several general conditions. Your permission ensures you will not use this login portal for unauthorized transactions. 

After agreeing to their terms and conditions, submit your personal information and create a robust four-digit pin. Now, click the Next button. This portal will now display your registration confirmation, so you can start making toll payments with the portal. 

What are the requirements for registering?

The portal does not require any hard and fast rules. The following things are needed to use the portal:

  • License plate number.
  • The model number.
  • Year of manufacture of the vehicle.
  • A credit or debit card.

Why is PaybyPlateMA the best option?

While using PaybyPlateMA you don’t have to go through the trouble of receiving, sending, and writing a check. 

All you have to do is sign in to your PaybyPlateMa account, pay your toll bill with a debit/credit card, and send the payment to your email address. It also provides various methods to pay your toll bills. 

As your account is always linked to your credit or debit card, the portal allows you to set up automatic withdrawals. Checking your account balance is another helpful service that keeps users updated on their accounts and transactions.