Apply for EZPass Ma Account

What are the different types of EZ Pass accounts?

Private Individual

A private individual account is basically a prepaid account and it lets you enjoy different reduced toll bills on different vehicles such as 2-axle private vehicles, motorcycles, 2 axle vehicles which are privately leased.

Other than that, if you have signup for a private individual account then it can be used for 10 vehicles and 4 active transponders will be provided.

These accounts can be opened in the following ways:


While signing up, you will need the following details:

  • License plate number (s)
  • Make, model, a variant of your car
  • Your payment details

You can go here begin the details and start entering the details which are required.

Customer Service Centers:

You can visit the nearest customer service centres to signup for the prepaid account in person. to get all the details of your nearest customer service centres and note that you will need to book the appointment before visiting any of the customer service centres. 

Partner Locations:

If you can’t wait that long, you can simply visit the partner locations but you will have to wait 30 minutes to use the transponder across the state, you can to know the details of the nearest partner locations.

Note: if you want the application for signing up private individual account instead of using the online feature.

Click here to know what payment methods supported by EZ Pass Ma.

Commercial Business

It is also a prepaid account but it gets more options such as it can have 2 private axle vehicles, taxis, combination plates, commercial license plates and livery plates as well. Most importantly, there is no limit to transponders of vehicles if you’re using a commercial business EZPass Ma account. to get the application for a commercial business account. for signing up for a commercial business EZPass Ma account online. Also, it is also very easy to reset EZPass Ma password.

Note: Pre-requisite for opening up a commercial business EZ Pass Ma account are the same as of private account, but you will have to submit download this spreadsheet template and submit all the details (make, model, variants) of your vehicles.

Commercial Surety

In contrast to other account types, it is a postpaid account with commercial surety with all the options available as a commercial business account. This bond can either be equal to $5000, or total toll usage of 6 months.

Note: There is a special program offered by EZ Pass which is E-ZPass Plus program and offers many different benefits.

How many is EZ pass participating states other than Massachusetts?

You can see all the participating states in the below image and get many discounts after signing up.

participating states of ezpassma