PaybyPlate MA is a new program offered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation that allows drivers to pay their toll bills and parking fees using a credit or debit card. The program is designed to make parking easier and more convenient for drivers, and it also offers some significant benefits.

For example, PaybyPlate MA eliminates the need to carry around coins or cash to pay for tolls and taxes and it also saves your time. Having this account can get you many benefits but it doesn’t offer any discounts.

Whereas, having E-ZPass in Massachusetts can get you many different discounts which are explained below:

EZPass Ma Discounts:

Annual Resident Programs:

If you need to cross the Tobin Bridge, commute through Sumner Tunnels or enjoy a scenic drive on Ted Williams Tunnel then this is for YOU! Receive attractive discounts with your annual registration.

ezpass ma discounts

Annual Driving Program:

The reduced tolls program is for people who regularly drive with three or more other passengers. You can register on this login portal to get cheaper rates!

Local Tax Withholding:

You may be entitled to a tax deduction for your transportation costs! If you spend more than $ 150 per year on E-ZPass tolls, then it’s possible that this will qualify as an expense and allow you one point towards deductions.

The maximum amount of money available from such claims is $750 which can reduce what appears on income statements everywhere

Benefits Offered by EZPass in Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts and frequently travel on the state’s highways, then you may want to consider getting an E-ZPass. With an E-ZPass, you can take advantage of discounts and benefits that are not available to other drivers.

For example, E-ZPass holders can save up to 25 percent on highway tolls. In addition, E-ZPass holders can use the HOV lanes on certain highways, even if they are travelling alone. And finally, if you register your E-ZPass with a credit card, you will be automatically enrolled in the E-ZSave program, which offers additional discounts at participating retailers.

So if you’re looking for a way to save money on your highway travel, then be sure to get an E-ZPass.


The E-ZPass ma offers a number of benefits for Massachusetts residents. For starters, it provides a discount on the monthly transponder fee for drivers who use the electronic tolling system regularly.

In addition, the program offers a number of other benefits, including automatic replenishment of your account balance and a monthly statement that tracks your toll usage.

Overall, the Annual Resident Program is a great option for Massachusetts drivers who want to save money and make their lives easier.