Is there any nationwide map where E-ZPass is accepted?

Yes, you can check this url https://e-zpassiag.com/about-e-zpass/where-can-i-use-it to see the E-ZPass Network and all the states where it is accepted.

What is the billing address of E-Z Pass Ma?

Servicing E-ZPass MA and Pay By Plate MA

27 Midstate Drive

Auburn, MA 01501

Will I get the discounts on tolls with the Pay by Plate MA registered account?

No, you will not get the discounts on the PaybyPlate Ma account.

What should you do if you’re driving a rental vehicle?

While driving a rental vehicle on Massachusetts toll roads, you will have to follow the procedure, whether you have a paybyplatema account or not. You can go here https://www.ezdrivema.com/RentalVehicles to see the complete guide.

Are there any charges while requesting additional transponders?

No, you wouldn’t have to pay any additional charges while requesting additional transponders.

What are the instructions for mounting the transponders?

Here are the important instructions for mounting the transponders.

  • You need to make sure that the arrows of the transponder are in the upward direction.
  • Neither should it be placed in your hand or on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • In order for your transponder to be read by the traffic module, it must mount just below any tinting on your windshield and right next to where you store that temporary license plate when driving without one.

Where do I have to place the transponder if I’m riding the motorcycle?

Firstly, It should be placed windshield of your motorcycle if it doesn’t have any windshield, then you can place it on your shirt.

Can I use my transponder in another vehicle?

Yes, the transponder can be used but vehicles should be of the same class, and the vehicle number plates are listed on your account.

How do I return my responder?

To prevent your transponder from being readable during shipping, place it in the original bag or wrap it with aluminium foil. Then, you can return to any of the customer service centres.

How do I access the account closure form?

Click here and you will get access to the account closure form which was submitted after printing it out to customer service.

How do tourists pay tolls in Massachusetts?

When it comes to paying tolls in Massachusetts, tourists have several different options. Cash can still be used, but it’s becoming increasingly less common since many of the state’s toll roads are now moving toward cashless or all-electronic systems. For these roads, visitors simply need an E-ZPass transponder from any state and link it to their toll account.

Massachusetts also offers a TollPass for short-term rental vehicles so that tourists don’t have to worry about setting up a separate account or tracking down the rental company afterward for reimbursement. Finally, tourists can use The PlatePass system so that charges are billed directly to the rental car company and appear on the tourist’s final invoice at the end of their trip.

How do I check if I owe tolls in MA?

If you’ve ever driven a toll road in Massachusetts and are wondering how to check if you owe any unpaid tolls, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has you covered. By using the Department’s online payment site, MassPikePay.com, users can quickly determine whether they owe any unpaid tolls or fees and pay them off with ease.

This is useful for keeping your vehicle registration up to date, avoiding fines and penalties on unpaid tolls, or simply checking records if doubts arise concerning a particular road use. MassPikePay.com allows instant payment via credit or debit cards so that those owing can be on their way without hassle. Since not all roads are outfitted with EZ Pass scanners in MA yet, these sites provide a convenient way for travellers to avoid disruptions on their trip.